Sunday, November 16, 2008

Such a poser!

I have a small water feature in my garden which I bought to encourage nature and wildlife. It's also great for the kids as there's often a frog or crab, or a few hundred tadpoles swimming about. Usually as soon as you approach the pond, the frogs and crabs scatter, so you have to be really quiet and not make any sudden moves. Yesterday however, when I got out my camera to take a few shots, this little chap didn't budge. On the contrary, he seemed to enjoy every moment. Me too actually.


anita said...

wow, the little guy must be getting frost bite!!!
great pic tho!

Julie said...

Such a cute guy! Great picture!

Cheyne said...

Amazing pic!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Awesome shot. It's neat when you get to interact with them like that.

Chris T said...

Nice shot - great to have things like that in the garden.